The Story
of Us

CRS celebrates our 75th anniversary in 2018. We are thankful for our partners, donors, staff, Church community and the people we serve around the world.

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We know we are lucky because we have you. This March, help us continue our life-giving work.

A Time for Joy

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This April, we celebrate everything we hold dear.

A Time for Blessings

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In uncertain times, comfort can be hard to find. This May, embrace our stories of care and commitment.

A Time for Caring

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It’s time to get to work! This June, let your heart guide your actions.

A Time to Work

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This July, the sky is the limit of what you and others can accomplish.

A Time of Opportunity

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This August, we go back to the basics.

A Time to Educate

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This September, learn how we prepare for the worst while receiving the best from others.

A Time to Prepare

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Our faith knows no boundaries. This October, put the power of prayer to work.

A Time of Faith

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This November, we simply give thanks.

A Time of Thanks

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It’s a wrap! This December, we celebrate you. Thank you!

A Time for Community
February featured podcast

The Tale of Two Cities: Part 2

High above New York City, 20 CRS staff are hard at work in the Empire State Building helping World War II refugees. Out of nowhere, a plane crashes right into their offices. Hear a survivor’s incredible tale and find out how CRS came to be in the building in the first place.

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Help Us Celebrate

We need you. Period. And we know you’ll be there. Some of you are social butterflies, others are reflective souls (God bless you!). Our story has a chapter for everyone.

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