Behind the Story Podcast Series

Ever wonder what really happened?
Behind every CRS story are the people who put faith into action to help the world’s poorest create lasting change.

Join us for a monthly podcast that celebrates the many people—partners, donors and supporters, staff and program participants—who have brought our mission to life over the past 75 years. And get a glimpse of the future we are building together for a better world!

High above New York City, 20 CRS staff are hard at work in the Empire State Building helping World War II refugees. Out of nowhere, a plane crashes right into their offices. Hear a survivor’s incredible tale and find out how CRS came to be in the building in the first place.

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The Excellent Adventures of Monsignor Kaiser

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The Noodle Priest of Hong Kong

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Women Who Inspire Us

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Pedro Pan

Help Us Celebrate

We need you. Period. And we know you’ll be there. Some of you are social butterflies, others are reflective souls (God bless you!). Our story has a chapter for everyone.

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